PhD/DPhil student, year, institution 

      thesis title


Evi Kröker, start 2018, University of Oxford

Matthew Zelina, start 2017, University of Oxford


Adam McCauley, start 2017, University of Oxford


Ross Gildea. start 2016. University of Oxford

Vanessa Meier. start 2016. University of Oxford

          Cutting the Ties: The Termination of State Sponsorship of Non-State Armed Groups and its Implications 

Catharina Lewerenz , start 2015, University of Oxford

           Pro-Government Militias: Actors of Destabilisation and Preservation in Internal Armed Conflicts?

MA/MPhil student, year, institution 

      thesis title

Anna Chirniciuc, start 2019, University of Oxford

         The effects of the UN's R2P on the patterns of civilian vilnec eon civl war

Luke Botting, start 2019,

          The Role of War, peacekeeping and armed humanitarian intervention within a changing international    society

Rhys Dubin, start 2018, University of Oxford

         A City of Walls: The Logic of Displacement and Resilience  in Wartime Baghdad


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