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PhD/DPhil student, year, institution 

      thesis title

Matthew Zelina, 2022, University of Oxford


Adam McCauley, 2022, University of Oxford

Evi Kröker, 2023, University of Oxford

Vanessa Meir, 2021, University of Oxford

External Military Assistance to Civil Wars:

The Unintended Effects of Intentional Interference

Ross James Gildea, 2021, University of Oxford

The Political Psychology of Issue Selection

in Transnational Advocacy Networks 


Maline Meiske, 2020, University of Oxford

Why contribute to EU peace missions? 

Burden-sharing in CSDP military operations, 2003-2013

Jessica Di Salvatore, 2017, (Co-S) University of Amsterdam

Peacekeepers Against Ethnic and Criminal Violence. 

Unintended consequences of UN Peacekeeping 


Paul van Hooft, 2015, (Co-S) University of Amsterdam

The Future in the Past:

Victory, Defeat, and Grand Strategy in the US, UK, France and Germany

MA/MPhil student, year, institution 

      thesis title


Victoria Puglia, 2022, University of Oxford

Elizabeth Russ,  2022, University of Oxford


Polly Chan, 2021, University of Oxford

Ingvild Rasmussen, 2021, University of Oxford 

Anna Chirniciuc, start 2020, University of Oxford

          A frame for a frame: Developing a quantitative framework for analysing policy framing in the UN Security Council.

Jakob Schram, start 2020, University of Oxford

Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters: The escalation of offshore island disputes in the age of the Continental Shelf

Lorenzo Borga, start 2021, Bocconi University

           Silence the press: why journalists get killed. A systematic literature review of global patterns and theory building on the Italian case

Luke Botting, start 2020, University of Oxford

          The Role of War, peacekeeping and armed humanitarian intervention within a changing international    society

Rhys Dubin, start 2019, University of Oxford

         A City of Walls: The Logic of Displacement and Resilience  in Wartime Baghdad

Elli Palaiologou, 2018, University of Oxford

          Interrupted Continuities: The Birth, Death and Resurrection of Political Legacies


Christoph Steinert, 2018, University of Oxford

            No peace without justice? Tracing the link between post-conflict trials and peace stability

Adam McCauley, 2017, University of Oxford

            Adapt or Die: Insurgent Survival in Intrastate Conflict

Vanessa Meier. 2016, University of Oxford

              The Domestic Dimension of External Support to Civil War Parties


Jorien Van De Mortel, 2016, University of Oxford

              What Kind of Democracy? UN Peacekeeping Mandates and Democratisation

Zarko Perovic. 2016. University of Oxford

              Calculated Gamble: Deterring Invasion Through Ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC

Remco Zwetsloot, 2016, University of Oxford

           Post-Conict Power Sharing

Kit Dobyns, 2015 , University of Oxford

           Eradicating AIDS and public investment in sub-saharan africa: the case of PEPFAR (2004-2012) 


Nicholas Gordon, 2015 , University of Oxford

           The sub-state as an actor: delegated authority in the international system 


Maline Meiske, 2015 , University of Oxford

           Why contribute to EU peace missions? Burden-sharing in CSDP military operations, 2003-2013


Wendy Hendriks, 2014 , University of Amsterdam

           Being different together. Diversity and the (In)effectiveness of  united nations' peacekeeping missions


Arne Bartelsman, 2013 , University of Amsterdam

            Neglect in times of need? A study on the impact of conflict on government welfare expenditure


Dhiraj Baldew, 2013 , University of Amsterdam

           Mechanization and the course of war: the influence of military mechanization on one-sided violence.


Tim Kok, 2013 , University of Amsterdam

           The political economy of refugees and conflict. 


Frank Van Kooten, 2013 , University of Amsterdam

           Can international social welfare aid "buy peace"? 


Arthur Muller, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           The role of the internet in the arab spring


Antje Ravensbergen, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           Memory policy after civil war.  A quantitative analysis


Bert de Rooij, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           African state failure:  a critical analysis of the concept


Tessa de Rooij, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           Preoccupied with fear? Casualty aversion and loss in UN peacekeeping


Steffy Roos du Maine, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           Protest, concession and repression in syria: divergent strategies?


Minke van der Sar, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           UN responses to human security crises and the implications for the responsability to protect


Elisabeth Tompunu, 2012 , University of Amsterdam

           The logic behind the multiplication of separatis movments in indonesia (1971-2010)


Ali Chakari, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           Election and state building in afghanistan


Esme' Joosten, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           The ESDP and the NATO. An analysis from the perspective of the conept of free riding


Roos Kamp, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           The EU and its motives of aid allocation towards africa


Jasmijn Koets, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           Peace fm? Can the UN radio contribute to building peace?


Ayan Rakoub, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           Terrorism in civil war and peace outcome


Kris Ruijgrok, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           Oil wealth: stability or fragility? A closer look at the pacifying effects deriving from oil wealth


Annouk Sterk, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           The triple involvment of the UN, NATO and the EU in the Peace Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Jurjen de Waal, 2011 , University of Amsterdam

           Fuelling civil war? On the relationship between oil-dependency, state capaity and civil war

BA student, year, institution 

      thesis title

Marine Anne Nicole Milard, 2019, Bocconi

    How does Lebanon contradict models predicting civil wars?


Laura Fornara, 2019, Bocconi

Education Inequality and Humans Security: The Case of Santiago of Cile


Alice Wilcock, 2018 , Brasenose College, Oxford 

    Do effects of international economic sanctions vary among authoritarian regimes?

Nicholas Halterman, 2018, Baliol College, Oxford

  Threat Perception & Civilian Displacement: Unpacking the effect of violence on levels of civilian displacement

George Tarr, 2017 , Brasenose College, Oxford 

    What sources of legitimacy matter for successful civil war mediation?

Ellie Ridge, 2017, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford 

   How is the effect of audience costs on autocratic conflict behaviour conditional on leadership experience?

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