"Briefly put, think before counting; and, also, use logic in thinking. "
Giovanni Sartori
"Le parole sono importanti..."
Nanni Moretti
"Anche lo studio è un mestiere e molto faticoso, con un suo speciale tirocinio anche nervoso-muscolare, oltre che intellettuale: è un processo di adattamento, è un abito acquisito con lo sforzo e il dolore e la noia."
Antonio Gramsci


international security and conflict

oxford, MT 2021 & HT 2022

new syllabus

security,  slides

civil war, slides

terrorism, slides

mass atrocities, slides

refugees & forced displacement , slides

peace operations, slides

gender based violence & conflict, slides

transnational moments , slides

revision class 1: security, war, civil war       slides

revision class 2:  on questions & answers slides

our (in)securities: lecture 10 may 2022 slides ppt


comparative government  

State: formation, building, failure 

oxford, MT 2021


international security and conflict

oxford, MT, 2020

security,  slides

terrorism, slides

mass atrocities, slides

sexual violence in conflict, slides

comparative government  

State: formation, building, failure 

oxford, MT 2020


international security and conflict

oxford, MT, 2019

security,  slides

snter-state war , slides

civil war

guest lecture UNIGE, slides

applied IR research

NASP, readings

oss data viz 2018 

day 1: slides  // Rscript  // StataDo // Stata Data

day 2: slides //  Rscript

issuege, undergraduate

civil war, slides

q-step Year 1, undergraduate

oxford, HT 2018

lecture WK2, Concepts Measurements,  slides

lecture WK3, Descriptive Stats & Graphs, slides 

collective political violence, graduate

oxford, HT 2018


intermediate statistics
for political scientists,graduate

oxford, MT 2017


>Int.Stats Assignment DUE WK8

>Example Assignment R script , top mark

>take home  exam

international security and conflict

oxford, MT-HT, 2017

Civil Wars


Refugees & Conflict


Peace operations


comparative government , undergraduate 

State: formation, building, failure 

oxford, MT 2017



olympia academy

quant cw plateau ?    slides 1


military occupation   slides 2

ideologies/emotions slides 3

peacekeeping             slides 4

data viz crash

Lisbon 2017


state building/state failure

Lisbon 2017

slides state building


slides state failure

oss spatial analys 2017 syllabus

meeting 1 :  slides // Rscript // Data

meeting 2 :  slides


oss data viz 2017 syllabus

meeting 1: slides  // Rscript  // handout

meeting 2: slides //  Rscript // StataDo // Stata Data 

meeting 3: slides //  Rscript // Stata 

oss causal inference 2017



Revisions IR HT/TT 2017

slides on IR theories 

slides on Power and IOs

slides on Security & PKOs


Oxford Q-Step - Thesis Workshop

slides on graphs

workshop R scripts

Data viz crash course, December 2016

Hebrew University, Jerusalem




IR Lab MT 2016 (MPhil & PRS)

Lab syllabus

wk 0 : Induction                                         handout; slides ; starting stata

wk 1 : Stata, Data and Replication          readings ; data ; handout; slides ; do-file

wk 2 :Describe Data & Making Graph      data ; handoutdo-file ; slides ; do-slides

Assignment WK3                                      suggested readings; rubric;  tips

wk 3 :Hypotheses Testing                      handoutslides ; do-file

wk 4 :Bivariate & Multivariate Reg.         slidesreadings;  handout;  do-file

Assignment WK5                                     do-file and data

wk 5 :Diagnostics & Interactions          slides ; readings; handout; do-file

wk 6 : lpm & logit                                     slides ; readings; handout; do-file; data

wk 7 : substantive significance           slides ; readings; handout; do-file

wk 8 : revisions                                       slides 

rubrics: assignment1   assignment2    assignment3

IR Lab take-home final

RDM  MT 2016  PRS students

syllabus  presentations' schedule 

slides WK1

slides WK2

slides WK3

slides WK4

slides WK5

slides WK6

slides WK7

slides WK8

rubrics: assignment1   assignment2    assignment3

RDM take-home final 

International Security & Conflict (MT2016)

syllabus MT2016

wk 1 :  Security: Theory and Concept       slides

wk 4 :  Civil Wars                                            slides

Q-step Summer Institute

lecture 3 : concepts & measurements               - slides

lecture 4 : descriptive stats and graphs           - slides

lecture 7 : interpreting results & interactions  - slidesst


UvA data viz crash course 2016

stata do files : scatter // pies // dots // slopes // multiples

stata data : Kathman CMPS // BCG ISQ // DDR

slides UvA

oss data viz 2016 syllabus

meeting 1: slides // handout // Rscript

meeting 2: slides // bars // slopes / scatter // heatmap

meeting 3: slides // lines // regression // flows //maps

oss spatial analysis  2016 syllabus

meeting 1: slides // MW&KSG 

meeting 2: slides SS Data Viz 2016plo

genova 2016

lezione "Guerre Civili", SLIDES

oxford 2015/2016


BA - Papers

PPE Prelims (with Elias Dinas) - The Practice of Politics,  Hilary Term


International Relations (214), Michaelmas Term and Hilary Term 


International Relations between the two World Wars (212),  Hilary Term


BA - Lectures 

Political Analysis Year 1  ( with Andy Eggers & Robin Harding) - QStep, Hilary Term


Lecture 2 Slides


Lecture 3 Slides



Political Analysis Year 2  ( with Andy Eggers & David Kirk)- QStep, Michaelmas Term 


Lecture 2 Slides


Lecture 3 Slides


Lecure  4 Slides


IR Lab1 Handout


IR Lab2 Handout


IR Lab2 Slides



International Relations - Theories of IR - Block 3, Hilary Term 



Research Design and Methods in International Relations, Michaelmas Term


IR PhD Seminars Workshop ( with Todd Hall), Michaelmas , Hilary and Trinity Term 




oxford 2014/2015


BA - Papers

PPE Prelims (with Elias Dinas) - The Practice of Politics, Michaelmas Term & Hilary Term

International Relations (214), Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term and Trinity Term.

International Relations between the two World Wars (212), Michaelmas Term & Hilary Term


BA - Lectures

Political Analysis  ( with Andy Eggers & Catherine De Vries) - QStep, Hilary Term 

Lecture 1 Slides 

Lecture 4 Slides

Lecture 5 Slides



International Relations - Block 3, Hilary Term 


International Relations : Theory and Methods Workshop ( with Kalypso Nicolaidis), Michaelmas Term