"Briefly put, think before counting; and, also, use logic in thinking. "
Giovanni Sartori
"Le parole sono importanti..."
Nanni Moretti
"Anche lo studio è un mestiere e molto faticoso, con un suo speciale tirocinio anche nervoso-muscolare, oltre che intellettuale: è un processo di adattamento, è un abito acquisito con lo sforzo e il dolore e la noia."
Antonio Gramsci


international security and conflict

oxford, MT, 2021

new syllabus

international security and conflict

oxford, MT, 2020

security,  slides

terrorism, slides

mass atrocities, slides

sexual violence in conflict, slides

comparative government

State: formation, building, failure 

oxford, MT 2020


international security and conflict

oxford, MT, 2019

security,  slides

snter-state war , slides

civil war

guest lecture UNIGE, slides

applied IR research

NASP, readings

oss data viz 2018 

day 1: slides  // Rscript  // StataDo // Stata Data

day 2: slides //  Rscript

issuege, undergraduate

civil war, slides

q-step Year 1, undergraduate

oxford, HT 2018

lecture WK2, Concepts Measurements,  slides

lecture WK3, Descriptive Stats & Graphs, slides 

collective political violence, graduate

oxford, HT 2018


intermediate statistics
for political scientists,graduate

oxford, MT 2017


>Int.Stats Assignment DUE WK8

>Example Assignment R script , top mark

>take home  exam

international security and conflict

oxford, MT-HT, 2017

Civil Wars


Refugees & Conflict


Peace operations


comparative government , undergraduate 

State: formation, building, failure 

oxford, MT 2017



olympia academy

quant cw plateau ?    slides 1


military occupation   slides 2

ideologies/emotions slides 3

peacekeeping             slides 4

data viz crash

Lisbon 2017


state building/state failure

Lisbon 2017

slides state building


slides state failure

oss spatial analys 2017 syllabus

meeting 1 :  slides // Rscript // Data

meeting 2 :  slides


oss data viz 2017 syllabus

meeting 1: slides  // Rscript  // handout

meeting 2: slides //  Rscript // StataDo // Stata Data 

meeting 3: slides //  Rscript // Stata 

oss causal inference 2017



Revisions IR HT/TT 2017

slides on IR theories 

slides on Power and IOs

slides on Security & PKOs


Oxford Q-Step - Thesis Workshop

slides on graphs

workshop R scripts

Data viz crash course, December 2016

Hebrew University, Jerusalem




IR Lab MT 2016 (MPhil & PRS)

Lab syllabus

wk 0 : Induction                                         handout; slides ; starting stata

wk 1 : Stata, Data and Replication          readings ; data ; handout; slides ; do-file

wk 2 :Describe Data & Making Graph      data ; handoutdo-file ; slides ; do-slides

Assignment WK3                                      suggested readings; rubric;  tips

wk 3 :Hypotheses Testing                      handoutslides ; do-file

wk 4 :Bivariate & Multivariate Reg.         slidesreadings;  handout;  do-file

Assignment WK5                                     do-file and data

wk 5 :Diagnostics & Interactions          slides ; readings; handout; do-file

wk 6 : lpm & logit                                     slides ; readings; handout; do-file; data

wk 7 : substantive significance           slides ; readings; handout; do-file

wk 8 : revisions                                       slides 

rubrics: assignment1   assignment2    assignment3

IR Lab take-home final

RDM  MT 2016  PRS students

syllabus  presentations' schedule 

slides WK1

slides WK2

slides WK3

slides WK4

slides WK5

slides WK6

slides WK7

slides WK8

rubrics: assignment1   assignment2    assignment3

RDM take-home final 

International Security & Conflict (MT2016)

syllabus MT2016

wk 1 :  Security: Theory and Concept       slides

wk 4 :  Civil Wars                                            slides

Q-step Summer Institute

lecture 3 : concepts & measurements               - slides

lecture 4 : descriptive stats and graphs           - slides

lecture 7 : interpreting results & interactions  - slidesst


UvA data viz crash course 2016

stata do files : scatter // pies // dots // slopes // multiples

stata data : Kathman CMPS // BCG ISQ // DDR

slides UvA

oss data viz 2016 syllabus

meeting 1: slides // handout // Rscript

meeting 2: slides // bars // slopes / scatter // heatmap

meeting 3: slides // lines // regression // flows //maps

oss spatial analysis  2016 syllabus

meeting 1: slides // MW&KSG 

meeting 2: slides SS Data Viz 2016plo

genova 2016

lezione "Guerre Civili", SLIDES

oxford 2015/2016


BA - Papers

PPE Prelims (with Elias Dinas) - The Practice of Politics,  Hilary Term


International Relations (214), Michaelmas Term and Hilary Term 


International Relations between the two World Wars (212),  Hilary Term


BA - Lectures 

Political Analysis Year 1  ( with Andy Eggers & Robin Harding) - QStep, Hilary Term


Lecture 2 Slides


Lecture 3 Slides



Political Analysis Year 2  ( with Andy Eggers & David Kirk)- QStep, Michaelmas Term 


Lecture 2 Slides


Lecture 3 Slides


Lecure  4 Slides


IR Lab1 Handout


IR Lab2 Handout


IR Lab2 Slides



International Relations - Theories of IR - Block 3, Hilary Term 



Research Design and Methods in International Relations, Michaelmas Term


IR PhD Seminars Workshop ( with Todd Hall), Michaelmas , Hilary and Trinity Term 




oxford 2014/2015


BA - Papers

PPE Prelims (with Elias Dinas) - The Practice of Politics, Michaelmas Term & Hilary Term

International Relations (214), Michaelmas Term, Hilary Term and Trinity Term.

International Relations between the two World Wars (212), Michaelmas Term & Hilary Term


BA - Lectures

Political Analysis  ( with Andy Eggers & Catherine De Vries) - QStep, Hilary Term 

Lecture 1 Slides 

Lecture 4 Slides

Lecture 5 Slides



International Relations - Block 3, Hilary Term 


International Relations : Theory and Methods Workshop ( with Kalypso Nicolaidis), Michaelmas Term