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Political Order & Violence - UNIMI 

This unit of the course introduces the students to core concepts such as politics, conflict, and institutions. Moreover, it discusses the different trajectories of state making and state rupture, among these ruptures: external occupations, civil wars, and revolutions. The course analytically explores transnational governance and global political order.

full syllabus 


summary topics/readings

Topic                                                Required Readings         Slides

What is politics?                                         Sartori 1972                             W1M1      


What is conflict?                                         North et al 2009                    W1M2


What is political violence ?                      Kalyvas 2019


What is political order?                             Bates 2008


Governments and Governance                Fukuyama 2016

Institutions and conflict                            Olson 1993

State as institution                                     Poggi 1990

State development                                     Tilly 1985

State capacity                                             Mann 1984


Nation making                                              Linz 1993


State rupture I: occupations                    Edelstein 2004.

Case studies 1                                              Lake 2016


State rupture 2 : civil war                          Bates 2008

Case studies 2                                            Cederman & Vogt 2017

State rupture 3: Revolutions                   Goldstone et al 2022


Case studies 3                                           Beissinger 2022

Transnational Governance                      Abbott & Snidal 2010.

EU and other experiments                      Pollack 2005.


Global Political Order?                             March & Olsen 1998


Failure of Global Governance?               Ikenberry 2018

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