with Han Dorussen and Ismene Gizelis (Essex, UK) 

- new GIS event data 

- local deployment of peacekeeping 
- micro versus macro peacekeeping analysis

- Local effects of peacekeeping



with Vincenzo Bove (Warwick, UK)

- new within mission diversity indexes 

- positive and negative effects of PKO mission diversity 
- civilians protection

- peacekeepers misconduct



with Julia Bader (Amsterdam, NL)

-Chinese contribution to UN peacekeeping mission




/Human Rights

with Brian Burgoon (Amsterdam, NL)

- HR promotion and domestic conflict

- new event data




/Collective Violence

with Stefano Costalli (Florence, ITA)

Violence and Politics in Italy 1943-1948 



“You waste years by not being able to waste hours.”

Amos Tversky

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